Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Avoiding decisions and goofing off.....

My dear friend and sister, Patchouli, sent me this link:

Click on it...and stick a picture of your face in there, and voila! they show you who you look like in the celebrity world.
Of course, the beautiful Patchouli looks like the beautiful Kelly McGillis.

Karen, however, resembles...
David Hasselhof? Of all the Baywatch babes, I get to resemble David Hasselhof? :-(

Well, take heart...it depends on the pose of the picture, your expression, etc. I ran the gamut from ol' Dave to Angela Merkel to Cybil Shepard...and HEY! Being the goof that I am, I had to pop Gracie the labrador's picture in there....she looks like Barbra Streisand! So, give it a shot!


Joe said...

You are hysterical!

Simon said...

Take heart Karen...u look more like Jamie Lee Curtis wearing glasses....be blessed in him.. :)

Karen said...

:-)Joe! I'm going to be serious in a few blogs...

Simon, lol...I had this "partially sober' fellow follow me around at a party one time...insisting that I was Jamie Lee...the only way I could get rid of him was give him my autograph! ;-)Good thing he wasn't able to read it at the time to see it wasn't Jamie's!

C. Fish said...

mine said i have a 57% match with Russell Crowe!?

That got me a good laugh!

Karen said...

Run with it, C!!!

Bar Bar A said...

That was so FUN!!!! My son looks like Mathew McConaughy!!! I looked like Carrie Fisher in one pic and the other I tried was not recognizeable!. I am going to try my dog now :)

Karen said...

Now, isn't this fun! I get an idea of what some of you without pics look like! :-)

Mark D said...

My wife Cindy:
Holly Hunter
Jesse McCartney (male)
Veronica Ferres
Martina McBride
Charlize Theron

Dan Rather (whaaaaaaaat???)
Aidan Quinn
Diane Keaton (female)
Jeb Bush
Hugh Hefner

This was FUNNY!!! Most people say she looks like a cross between Yasmine Bleeth and Shania Twain. Most people say I am a cross between Nicolas Cage and the tall dark-haired guy from MadTV.