Saturday, December 31, 2005


When we wake up tomorrow, it's supposedly all new, even though around the world it will be an all new year in about one hour. We have to wait a little longer. The time when all things magically change, when we make ourselves promises that we probably won't keep; at least not all at once. Placing pressure on ourselves to push a little closer toward that perfection we've been elusively hunting.
I'm a person who loves Mondays. Sunday is rest-up time and Monday means a chance for a clean slate. I've always tolerated Christmas because of the craziness that surrounds it, and welcomed the New Year as a giant clean slate. As a kid, I'd grab the January 1st newspaper and stare at the date as if I'd passed through some time portal into the future. One day one year, the next a whole new one! Yesterday was last year! It was a fascinating concept for me.
Now, though, I view each new day as a clean slate, a chance to start over; to try to get it right. Time seems to shorten when you get older. Each opportunity for change needs to be grabbed onto, because in reality, time is like an ocean that undulates....waves in, waves out...with no respect for anyone saying, "HEY! Stop just a minute here....I'm on to something!" No, it just keeps moving and changing every moment, just as we need to do, every single day, taking our clean slates as we're handed them. Being grateful for the chance to start over, change, to be forgiven.
Even so, maybe tomorrow I'll just take a few moments to stare at the date on the newspaper.

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