Saturday, December 24, 2005


A friend and I were discussing the war...we agree that it's time for our people to start coming home, but for different reasons.
All the soldiers I've talked to say that the Iraqi's (most of them) appreciate what we've done, but we may leave now, please. I agree that it's time to figure out a way to protect ourselves. We've been under attack since the 70's by terrorists. We have peaceful muslims, yes...but mosques are springing up everywhere here. What better way to attack than from within?
She says the war is about a president who cares about mideast oil, not American concerns.
So, what's new?Are those 2 concepts mutually exclusive? Almost everything we do and buy has something to do with oil. What are we willing to give up? We saw the result of gas and oil prices after Katrina. Imagine another 50% of our supply gone. What is a nation that is full of consuming, selfish, lazy people going to do? Give up the cars? The big houses? The plastics? These ARE American concerns, and the American people are just as much to blame as anyone else.
Spent last night at a home (actually a house, not a home) that is 8,000 sq ft. of rooms that are seldom used by the 3 people that occupy it. All 3 (that I counted) gas fireplaces were lit. Lights up all over the house and the neighborhood. The finest of everything. Nothing just "good enough"...had to be the best. Who needs that much room? They remodeled and added more on because the media room wasn't "big" enough. Just how BIG is "big enough?" Just how much is enough? It is indeed a war about American concerns. Selfish concerns.

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