Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cracks me up....

I think I've heard "Merry Christmas" more this year than ever before, since it's so reviled to say anything associated with Christ now. Jesus told us there'd be days like this.
Patchouli tells me some lady had a hissy fit over a marquee saying "Merry Christmas; remember the reason for the season." She said she didn't need that "stuff" being shoved down her throat. Well, we don't need crappy, tacky movies and TV shows shoved down our throats, but we live through it, and so far, I haven't sued anyone over their right to free speech. What do the Hollywood powers-that-be say? Don't look at it. So, Lady...don't look at it. Besides, Jesus is the reason for this season. I assume that woman will get her happy butt to work on Christmas day instead of taking the day off like the people that celebrate the reason for the season. I'm not offended by menorahs...Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish brothers and sisters! So get over it. And have a Merry Christmas!


Patchouli said...

...and she needs to give back all her presents!
I'm making a birthday cake on Christmas day, and maybe I'll shoe polish my car with Jesus all over it! Ooooh, I get it! That's what we're supposed to be! Walking billboards with Jesus all over us! And of course someone is going to get offended...hey, nice picture!

Karen said...

Hey thanks! Youngest took that pic...he's showing an aptitude for photography like your oldest! Of course it never hurts when you adore the photographer!