Thursday, December 08, 2005

Deceptively pretty....

Winter here in the south....nothing like up north where I grew up. We'd have laughed at this day up there. The main problem is that there is a deceptive thing here that forms called "black ice." Everything can look okay on the surface; sunny, pretty, warm...but underneath it all is coldness and danger. I just saw a truck jacknife on TV on what looked like a pretty safe stretch of road; and the cab burst into flames. But not before throwing a passenger about a 100 feet.
This is a metaphor for our faith. On the surface everything looks okay; sunny, pretty, warm~~but underneath it all can be coldness and danger. We walk the walk and talk the talk, but end up slipping and sliding around, skidding into each other and bursting into...flames. Try as we might to study, prepare, learn and arm ourselves to travel safely, we will crash at times until we wait for the real sonlight to melt away that black ice and realize that only waiting upon Him will make our travel safe and right.

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