Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday a.m. ramblings

Update 10/11
It took asking 4 people, members of the mega-church that J belongs to, to get any kind of an answer. The "Healing" person that I emailed blew me off. She didn't understand what I meant by congregational care. 1 member didn't think that they had anything like that. Another member, with whom I have had a working relationship for over 15 years knew exactly the way to go. Another had to search for me.

Churches need to have congregational care at the forefront. They are supposed to be places for the wounded to go, for comfort and strength. Ministering to members makes strong members who are then able to take it outside, elsewhere. I'm not impressed with a church that brags on its outreach but drops the ball when it comes to tending its members.

The church where I was ordained "divided" the congregation among the elders. We were responsible for checking on members. Dividing such a small church was kind of silly, though. I could cover all bases and check on folks in a day's time.

I posed this question in this post earlier. What does your church have in place for the tending of the flock?

The critters evidently didn't get the email about momma not feeling well. At 5:30 am (okay, yeah, my usual "up" time) Lizzie was knocking over the stack of books that live by my bedside; Lucy was jumping on me, hitting every trigger point with her lil' 10 lb. body, and Gracie was ringing the back door bells to be let out.

I loved it.

I feel much better, wish it wasn't so on the prednisone and of my own body's choosing, but grateful for relief. No pain on breathing, nor coughing. I believe the inflammation had centered somewhat on my lungs. I've lost 7 pounds since I got the shot on Wednesday, some fluid, no doubt, but I put myself on a Lupus diet...actually eating more than usual, but just fruit, veggies, chicken and fish.

I tried to backtrack why this might have happened, and see my part in it. Sun in Colorado (guys, for this vampire, it felt SOOOOOO good!) increased red meat consumption per doctor's advice with the anemia, and lots of stress.

Moving on! Walked Gracie around 2 blocks this morning, she was so very pleased! So was I! I'm making a wheat free bread per Connie at Picture the Word; not that beautiful loaf, but a soda type bread. And, I shall be designing on the computer in a short time for a big project coming up.

My brother donated his 3 wheel scooter to a fellow at the church where I am part of a connect group. Brother can't manage 3 wheels with his balance, and J has MS with better balance, so hubby, Kyle and I dropped it off last night. He was so tickled, props to my bro for sharing. Guys, I hate to be judgmental, but J's apartment was horrible. Here he is, part of a big huge church that prides itself on its outreach. . .and he is living in clutter. No one picks him up for church, either. This church is about to build a larger campus--we're talking thousands of members, police on Saturday night and Sunday mornings to direct traffic, and this guy is not being tended. Am I being too harsh? Please tell me. The ladies that pick him up for our singing group are concerned for him that no one is taking care of him. Excuse me? I don't get this. With a church that size. . . .I just don't get it. Maybe when I find out more there will be some answers, but geez. I'm going to ask him if I can at least pick up some papers and stuff for him to make a safe and clear path. I didn't want to do that last night (although I was kinda quietly) because I had two men in there with me, and I didn't want to risk embarassing another guy. Culture stuff again?

Update: I'm working on designs for my next project, and the bed is beckoning me! I really don't want to get into the nap trap.
I called the fellow with MS and found that his church really isn't helping, plus it looks like his wife did a real number on him with their house, as well. He doesn't even realize this I think. He is living solely on his SS Disability. Let me ask: What do your churches have in place to help your needy members? J's church is HUUUGGGGE. Let me know if you will. I'm intrigued.

Kyle's gal from Boston was here for the week. She is a great gal, and I'm sad that they have the long-distance thing to deal with. They seem perfect for each other.

Robert update: He has been relocated to Camp Eagle in Korea; we rely on phone calls from him as he has "no address" yet. No Iraq yet. Keep Kansas Bob's son Matt in prayer, as he IS in Iraq.

Off to tend my stuff. Thank you for your support in all things. You are way up high on my list of blessings! Have an incredible week!


Paige said...

So glad you are feeling better. Have you ever tried using a Netti Pot, for nasal allergies? Its great I use SinusCleanse. Also just to mention it cause of diet stuff. Ya know I'm allergic to Rye, how weird I know. It made my sinus swell up so large other folks could see it in my face and the water build up almost drown me, literally.
Lupus sucks! Just thought you wanted to know.
so glad you are feeling better :-)

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for mentioning Matt Karen. Got an email from him telling of his experience with a sunni death squad terrorizing shiite families and neighborhoods. Keep praying.

Milly said...

Keep on keep'n on.

Could it be that these folks don't know they need help? Have they been told? Do they ask? I know it sounds silly but we all hate to step on toes and insist folks take help.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

So glad you're feeling better. Gotta love those wake-up calls!!

I think you did the right thing by being discreet at your bro's apt. I do hope his church figures it out and does something!!

my heart goes out to Kyle, long distance relationships are heart wrenching at times.

preacherman said...

Great post.
Keep up the great posts.
It was a blessing and is a blessing.

Dave said...

Praise God that you are feeling better.

You probably need to find out more about J's situation. I have experienced folks turning down help but it does seem strange that such a huge church does not seem to be connecting with J.

Missy said...

Karen, my church here and in TX form "Family Groups" of about 4-10 families who live close to one another. They work together like family and support one another. If a need is great enough to draw on the whole congregation, we ask for assistance on behalf of that family - using discretion if needed. I have made some really wonderful, close friends that are now considered family through this, and it has seen people through a lot without making a "corporate" event out of loving your brothers and sisters.

Also, here in NH, we have a loosely organized group that meets every Wednesday for the purpose of helping the needy, in and out of church. It is their strength and they are phenomenal and actively search for people to help.

We don't seem to have any church staff that oversee these, the members seems to run with it pretty well, but I may just be unaware. I have noticed that we tend to keep our congregations down to 200 members or less, reorganizing things when we grow larger, that seems to help have more of a feeling of family and people stay more connected to one another.

karen said...

Missy, that sounds like a good plan, especially when it is not forced, but the members are moving as they would in the Body!

I get a kick outta big churches striving after small groups. It has to be that way, it's the only way things get noticed.

My problem was that no one seemed to know about their own church's inner workings.

I spent a great deal of time with J on the phone the other day and had an opportunity to help him out a bit.

The church says that he needs to make the move to ask for help. Those are easy words coming from people who are not in that position. Asking for help doesn't come easily to us when we're accustomed to being independent.

Missy said...

I sometimes (but not always) find mega churches are like large apartment complexes: no community, just a place to drop your bags.

I find it takes a heck of a lot more humility to ask for and even accept help than anything else I do. I will pray for J - that he will always feel loved enough to ask, and that he is loved enough to not have to ask.

karen said...

Well put, Missy! I think there may be good big churches. .KB's sounds great, but the commute.... :-)

Thank you for prayers for J! If nothing else, I stirred a pot for him. He'll be on my list now.

Connie said...

The good critters don't get to not bother us when we are sick. Thank God! He uses them as furry clay pots to deliver healing and unconditional love.
I miss my Doo Doggy...

karen said...

I miss the Doo Doggy, too....
we'll see her again!