Saturday, October 13, 2007

I almost missed it. . .

Actually, right now, I'm pretty darned aware of Lupus! ;-)
I'm not sure about these foundations, to be honest. Some do not advocate
a "Lupus" diet; in fact they don't even suggest avoiding the nightshade foods like tomatoes, potatoes; they also advocate flu vaccinations.
Lupus, MS, RA and others like them are auto-immune disorders. If you introduce a foreign substance into your body, such as a flu vaccine, it will trigger a response of the immune system (that's what vaccines do) and the body will go into hyper-reactivity. This is my opinion, but it's based upon experience. If you have an auto-immune disease, many naturopaths suggest avoiding the nightshades, sprouts, and irritating high-protein in the form of red meat and dairy; and suggest a plant-based diet with fish and chicken in moderation. My case is mild, I believe that I've kept it that way through these measures rather than through heavy use of medications and corticosteroids. Or, I'm just lucky and I think I have some element of control.
;-) I pray for those who suffer much worse in these diseases. Please keep KB's wife Ann in prayer for her healing from MS.
You know someone, besides me, with an auto-immune disease.


Kansas Bob said...

Praying for a cure Karen and that you will experience relief and peace until it comes.

Healing blessings, Bob

Missy said...

I have been surprised how many people I have known through the years that suffer from lupus, and still there is so much to learn about it.

I think KB has the right idea, and I will continue to pray for the same. Do you recommend any support or research organizations to give to or volunteer for?

preacherman said...

Thank you for making us aware of it. I greatly appreciate it. I don't have Lupus but I do have GBS. I am going to talk to the church next weekend and see if we can't to the Lupus foundation, so thank so much letting us know about it. God bless you and I hope you have such a blessed week.

karen said...

I wasn't going to post this post about Lupus, now I'm glad I did.
Thank you for sharing about your GBS...I can never spell it out, but I assume you're speaking about Gullian-Barre Syndrome? And, it sounds like you are one of the unfortunates to suffer residual effects. I'm so sorry! No one escapes trials, do they? I had a friend that had this, but she recovered completely. I will keep you in prayer for a complete healing! Have a blessed week, too.

romelette said...

let's keep on praying. it the only thing we can hang on to when its getting rough.

btw, my little princess went on wearing a pink Aurora gown on the storybook costume party and no, she is not bringing her pacifier to her play school. she only uses it when she is going to sleep.

thanks for all your comments. i am having a hard time with my internet connections that i only passed by and never leave a mark ;)

oh, i almost forgot. i am deleting my old blog soon. please update your link and point it to i do hope its ok that i already linked you up in my new blog.

take care! and stay healthy!

karen said...

Romelette...thanks for coming by! I'll update my link, and thanks for linking me.
Give your princess a kiss for me! Everyone needs a pacifier sometimes! My son and daughter in law were SURE they would not use THOSE! They didn't last the first night, and Michael has given it up already. It all works out! :0D