Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thinking blogs....

Kansas Bob awarded me the "Thinking Blog" award....I'm honored! I'm not doing this the way I'm supposed to, but I will list a few blogs that get me thinking....I'm trying to get the ones that haven't already been picked in our lil' circle. You ALL make me think!! I love it.
Here are 5 that make my head spin for one reason or another:

Chris Ledgerwood --transparency, honesty, mucho talent
SocietyVS --complete honesty with his faith and struggles with Christians
Larry's Last Exit Before Oblivion --pure, brutal, transparency and faith
Becky's In the Quiet --again, a transparent and honest approach to our walk
Don R --poses great questions and honesty

A common thread here...transparency and honesty...but I could say that about all of yours! Paige, Pearlie, Missy, Milly, Milette, Barbara, Kevin, Judy, Joe, Michael, Matt, Mark, Brian, Dave, Helen, Bob, Trace, Bruce (s), Christine, Lori, ....geez, who have I missed??


NoVA Dad said...

Award is well-deserved!!!

Bruce said...

From what I can tell, Bob has good taste.


mil3tt3 said...

i definitely agree!

chris said...

you are well deserving of the award! Thanks for the nice comment!

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