Friday, February 02, 2007


Disclaimer: I think all the lyrics are clean...but get a load of the message and the effects!


Missy said...

I haven't listened to the lyrics of most of Stone Sour's stuff, but I like the music. But I kinda hafta be in a particular "mood". I had never seen their videos. This one is pretty kewl.

chris said...

Yeah, it's a cool video. I don't really know what the song is about since I only see it when my oldest has the t.v. remote. What is your take on the message?

codepoke said...

The moment that the waitress with the lobster walks past is just unbelievable. Until that moment I did not know what the video was about, and after that it was all deadly clear. The removal of each mannequin after that is really overkill. I wish they had only removed the inanimate objects that way. The pool and venue were a great end.

And it's a great message.

My issue? The 4 members of the band are substantial. They are gritty. Not dolled up at all. (I loved that one of the mannequins was evidently a parody of the lead singer. :-D )They have angst, which makes them real, valuable, alive, 3 dimensional.

But to me they are none of those things. They are parodies of themselves parodying everyone else. They are just acting out angst, to me. Which drives me further back. The first 2 girls in the video have angst, too. They are conflicted. They are real. I don't remember seeing them again, which proves that they are real.

But each of the people in the video has angst. They just didn't show it. Paris Hilton (amusingly parodied too) has angst. She is real to herself. And I have no more angst to offer than her, and neither does Mr. Sour.

But it's not angst that makes us. It's love. Human love makes us human and divine love makes us divine. That's why the nation follows Brangelina. If they are really loving, then they are real. We watch because we suspect we know that they are a parody of love, but we want to know that we know. We want to taste whether the fairy tale of love can come true.

I'll skip the obvious soliloquy on Christ making all things real to us by His love.

Instead, the question comes up - are we who blog mannequins?

Easy answer. Do we blog to love?

karen said...

love your take, CP...I'm getting something new everytime I watch it...and yes indeed..I hear you on the last couple of questions you ask.....see my next post.

BarBarA said...

wow, pretty amazing. I don't know what I liked more - your comments and Codepoke's or the video itself...there's so much in all three.

I saved it in my faves to show someone later.