Monday, February 12, 2007

Prose I

I wrote this a couple of years real reason to post it now except to thank our brothers out there who know God's Truth about men and women battling together shoulder to shoulder; not each other.

Enemy Within

The battle rages, the Enemy is strong and seemingly tireless.
We, His warriors, are weary in fleshly strength.
His power and our unity are our only hope.

Shoulder to shoulder we stand, an army
assembled for His word and His works.
Swords are flashing, while arrows slice through
the prayers spoken in silence, yet heard.

I am struck, a force upon my chest. With weapon still in
my right hand, I clutch my breast with the left.
The arrow has pierced deeply, and warm life flows
between my fingers.

Stumbling, sword still held high, I fall—
a soldier down.
I pray, and a single tear slides down my cheek as I
watch other sisters fall.

He is there, His loving presence catching us, comforting us
as our energy fades. He is dismayed, but
it’s not our failure that disappoints.
Eye to eye we meet our assassins. A sob
wells up in my throat, choking me….
silencing me.

The injury is painful, with mortal effect, but not as
deadly as the truth.
Who could have thought the wounds that
keep us from the Battle, from His mission,
from His work—
would be dealt by our own brothers?

Copyright 2005 Karen


Missy said...

Karen, you have a heart for both women and men struggling to be who God called them to be. You seem to be firm against those who would fight you - but not hateful. This is a beautifully written, but frightening, image. I wish it held no truth.

I know I have struck my fair share of men and women down with "friendly fire" in my own ignorance. I pray for us all.

karen said...

Thank you, Missy...I'm a part of
and I wrote this, actually, in 5 minutes when God gave it to me as I was working on a mural in a client's laundry room!! I've fended off some blows from a few folks in the last few months concerning this subject, and I think the Lord wanted me to see that I no longer will battle anyone in this realm on the subject. If they choose to fire at me, so be it. My purpose is to get the Truth out there to men and women, and I will not battle another Christian. The Father has my back on this...and anyone who tries to hold back another saint in their gifts will have to reckon with HIM....not me. Bless you, Missy. I'm glad we found each other.

bjk said...

This really touched me and I am wrestling through THANKS....

Don R said...

Strong stuff, Karen....

Kansas Bob said...

I heard it said once that the church is the only army that shoots it's wounded ... it is a sad reality that can change only one heart at a time.

Milly said...

Thank you!