Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thank you all

My vision is pretty much back to normal...I'm just kind of spacey. That's probably normal, too. ;-)
How do I thank you all for your kind words and prayers? Can't say enough as to how it bolstered my spirit! Please promise me that you'll let me be there for you when you need someone. Friend Connie says that no one gets a "free pass"....we all go through so much. She called me the other day and I was at the lowest point, trying to just see normally...I couldn't speak. Missy hit the nail on the head on one an artist this scared me! I find it difficult to cry, but finally all the fear flowed out in our conversation. I felt better. I must learn to cry more! Last night, I started losing vision aura started fourth migraine this month....and I took the Midrin at the onset, and refused to freak out, it hacked me off so bad. I had JUST done some quiet prayer, music, and meditation to unwind! The doctors say these headaches have nothing to do with the eye stroke. I can't believe that. I googled it (don't have my M.D. license yet LOL) and there have been cases of "complicated" migraine. Praise the Lord almost every case of that or lupus or anemia related didn't return, and the chances of a major stroke are no different than most folks.
I keep getting put to the fear test...and I fail miserably each time.

This is nothing compared to the kids and teachers I see when I do the special needs aide jobs. Every teacher has some ailment...stress related I'm sure. They all have migraines. At the school I'm working at now, they offered me a full time aide position. I'm not sure that would be good for my health or my finances. They don't pay those folks enough....and I'm about to start 4 big mural jobs. But I was honored that they offered and trusted me.

Then there are the kids. One cute little gal with a leg problem from chemo...several with severe autism, cerebral palsy, violent behavior, emotional behavior problems, etc. I know some of you have worked with this. It's heartbreaking, but the heart of these teachers is so really is God at work through people...and no matter what public schools mandate....HE is alive and well in the schools...people praying for each other, professing their faith, both teachers and kids.

It's a great thing to see.


BarBarA said...

Crying is good, Karen, I hope you can do it more. I'm glad you are doing better. Those d@mn migraines! I wish they would just leave you alone.

I'm not surprised they offered you a full time position - You are an amazing, strong, gifted person. You seem to always put others first, you are very giving of yourself. That inspires me.

Milly said...

Thank you for saying that the school still have God. Too many times I’ve heard the opposite, I’ve explained how not true that is at the schools my children attend. I have a wonderful picture of a teacher writing scriptures on the floors before the new carpet went in. That little school was filled with the word of God and I could feel it as I walked the halls.

Midrin does ok for me but I have to be able to relax with it. I hadn’t put anemia and the migraines together. I haven’t had a stroke but I lost sight in one eye for several minutes, my doctor did a scan to be sure I hadn’t had something. I’ll be watching my blood from now on. Thanks.

I hate when it hits our eye sight because most of us can’t just take a break and ride it out. I have to keep working.

Praying for a complete healing.

chris said...

I'm glad your feeling better as well. I could only imagine what you went through. As a musician I would hate to have my hearing in question. God Bless

milet said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I have been through that also. But prayers keep me strong.

You will be in my prayers too.

Take care!

Can I link you up ? Thanks.


pearlie said...

Glad you are getting better and to see you talking about it shows that you are :)

Will continue to pray for you, Karen. Whatever and however our lives turn out to be, God is yet faithful and good.

Kansas Bob said...

Wow ... I just tuned in ... crazy busy week for me ... but an even crazier week for you Karen. I am glad that your eye is better and sad that you had such a rough week.

Blessings of healing and health to you Karen.

karen said...

thank you, thank you all...I know you all can all go through tough stuff, too.
Yes, Milet, you can link...give me your link, too.
You went through this eye thing? You have lupus, right? Let's talk.

Robert said...

wow just stopping by you are so caring so thrilled you are doing better and how awesome all the kids you mentioned so special in tgheir own unique ways you have encouraged me many times hope God gives you some R&R from the nigraines :)

karen said...

thanks Robert, I hope you're doing better, too.