Saturday, October 07, 2006

saturday afternoon....

I'm just going to ramble again. Trying to figure out who to learn about next (if you think I'm trying to "teach" any of you anything about women in the Bible, please think again. I'm teaching myself by doing this.) I'm thinking Phoebe....

It's been a tough week. Hubby's mom was in the hospital, now in rehab. She is a cancer survivor and has always been a fighter, but since Sid died, she doesn't seem to want to bounce back from anything. Hubby's sis has been staying with her, partly out of necessity financially. Please keep MIL in prayer. She's a good gal.

My allergies kicked in with the fall...a hard time for autoimmune diseases. So I started with some Claritin, or however its spelled, and that seems to be helping. My allergies set off the Lupus symptoms, pain, stiffness, etc. Couple that with being a tad bit older ;-) and ick. But, after a THREE HOUR nap...I feel better! :-) Ha! Who wouldn't? That big yella dog just cuddles up and I am OUT. She's a great heating pad. I took her for acupuncture this morning from a vet about 20 miles from here. Yes, yes, I know...acupuncture for the dog? Well, it's kept her in good shape and energetic with her kidney issues. The vet's a great guy, a goodly Jesus freek, and we've become good friends, supporting each other as well. He has developed a peripheral neuropathy of unknown origin. He's not diabetic, he's in good shape, healthy habits, etc., but it has curtailed his ability to do surgery. Pray for him, too, if you would.

I've also been dealing with the loss of a friendship. Several of you have written about your loss of women friends, and that has helped a lot.

Thursday last week, had a gig at a middle school....they had to shift me around in the special needs area because one child was being particularly violent. I told them not to worry, but they didn't want anything to happen, and they were all on edge. I was working with this one kid, who was doing very good...suddenly he jumps up, and crouches down behind his chair and stares at me like that face on that Grudge movie. His whole face had changed, and I averted my eyes back to the work he was working on. In my head, I said, "OK, Lord....these folks have had enough for one day! Please give them peace and comfort, and drive out any thing bad here." Please don't think I am saying that those sweet special needs kids are evil!! I do think that the enemy will try to take advantage of every situation he possibly can. Well, that boy got up and sat back down, then grabbed his books and went to the next class when the bell rang....and they moved me to the room with the violent child...but I wasn't concerned. The teacher asked me to cut out some laminated stuff; but added that if she said, "Scissors down!" I needed to hide the scissors. OKaaay. Still, wasn't concerned. There were two teachers in the room, and it was suddenly very quiet. I started thanking the Lord for that peace, when the other teacher said, "Wow...this is really weird. He's so quiet and peaceful now. We need to get subs in here more often!" and smiled at me. I smiled back and said, "It wasn't me!" ;-)


BarBarA said...

I love it when you post :)

Sorry to hear that your allergies are kicking up, that's a drag. The three hour nap sounds so good. I took a one hour nap and my first thought when I lied down was that I needed a dog to cuddle with but Daisy can't jump on the bed anymore because of her knee issues.

Accupuncture for the dog - hey sounds great to me! I've thought of having it for my neck pain - have you tried it?

My woman friend and I made amends and I saw her for the first time in over a year on my b-day a few weeks ago. I'm taking her to a concert for her b-day at the end of the month. I hope yours works out too.

That situation at school sounds very intense - good for you for giving credit where it belongs, I hope the others "got it" when you said that.

C ya toots!

Matt said...

I agree with both you and Barbara -- three hour naps are the best. Amy and I are leaving on a cruise for several days tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to using part of that time for lots of naps out on deck (unless I can find a good substitute for "Isaac" from "Love Boat," in which case I'll be bellied up to the nearest bar!).

Prayers for your healing and for the improving health of your mother-in-law.


Kansas Bob said...

Blessings of heaaling, rest and peace to you Karen.

Karen said...

Thanks, ya all...
Bar...yeah, acupuncture is great..of course I take the dog more than myself...but it's great for neck pain and fibro, too. Give it a shot...just find someone licensed.
I'm so glad you and your friend worked it out. This is one time when I wish women were more like just hash it out and get over it.
You know...when I tell people in public school that I've prayed for them (and I did this time)..they are SO grateful! This has been a good opportunity to minister.

Matt...go guy! Have a GREAT time! But NOT fair for Amy..she can't belly up to the bar!

Bob...thank you...and to you and Ann, too. You're both in my prayers.

Milly said...

In no way would I think you were saying the children were evil. I understand how quickly the little people’s moods change I worked with a violent autistic child. My first experience with the violence broke my heart. I sat holding him one the floor to keep him from going after his brother when I looked into those beautiful eyes I could see how much he wanted me to hold him and how he wanted to be different. I still pray for those kids and the families.

I do know how hard it is when a friendship ends. I knew it needed to happen but it was still difficult.
I pray for peace.

Be well,

Karen said...

Thank you, and God bless you, Milly, for your work with these kids, and your kind comments.