Monday, October 16, 2006

Missing blogland....

I feel like I've been gone forever. Could we add about 12 more hours to the day?

My hubby's mom is in rehab, and that's been taking some time...she is 30 miles away. We spent our 24th anniversary Sunday battling weird traffic, rainstorm, and fatigue from working to get over to see her. Her first words were, "I figured you all had forgot about me." Man, that makes me crazy! ;-)

Oldest son's car is in the shop, so have been working on a set in the wee hours of the morning, coming home and letting him use the car to get to school...or driving him and picking up. How did people make it with one car? I seem to remember those days!

Subbed a couple days for an art teacher last week. In a science lab. With pencils, crayons, and paper. The teacher was packing up to trade with the Spanish teacher at another school for 9 weeks, so supplies were limited. It was fun. And interesting. The instructions for the youngers was to draw their family with these construction paper crayons on black paper, then when they were done, they could draw what they wanted. Things were going well, but I could see they were scurrying through everything and we'd have empty time. So, bright me suggests that some of them might want to share their pictures with the class. One little lass stands up and tells about her "Super Hamster"drawing...he was so cute with his little cape and little costume, and little cap on his little head...then she shows us the little poop coming out from behind him. Hmm. Thank you, dear. We then recited the word "appropriate," its meaning, etc. Ha! I strolled around and some kid came up and said that another kid was drawing "private parts." He was actually drawing, wasn't inappropriate unless you looked at it just . . . so. Another kid drew a picture and labeled it "Naked Loin." I was about to toss in the towel when I realized he had drawn a lion without a mane. HA! This is so fun! :-) And funny! And no pukage!

Anyway...I miss you all and am going to catch up! Have a good one!


Milly said...

We miss ya too!
I subbed at a preschool at one time, as I sat with a group of children having lunch one little boy told a joke, I thought, now that wasn’t what I heard, so I asked him to tell it again. I was shocked. The “P” word was used and everything. I just sat stunned for a moment. I almost asked him to repeat it again thinking I must have heard it all wrong. That’s it Milly get him to say it over and over again! That way the kids in the Christian preschool can go home and ask questions.

Karen said...

LOL Milly!

BarBarA said...

Yep, you are missed!

Sounds like times are hectic for you. I hope things settle down a bit. Happy Anniversary! That's a very big deal!

ANd Yay for naked lions and no puke!

Karen said...


BruceD said...

An old friend used to say, "life is interesting, then it gets REAL interesting!"

Sounds like you're doing OK though. Would you agree?