Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday mumblings.....

Isn't it weird that people built houses because they wanted to get away from the elements, then they put windows in because they wanted to bing in the elements, then they put glass, drapes and blinds up to close off the elements?

Why do we mow down the things we call 'weeds' and plant grass so it will grow and then we mow it because it grows? Then we feed it so it will grow so that we can mow it again. Why don't we just let the stuff grow that wants to grow? I'm working on that, if you see my yard.

Isn't it funny that anti-Christians rant about how we're hypocrites and we reject and hate people...yet they reject and hate us?

I noticed that my dog leaps outside into the sunshine and greets the day with unfettered enthusiasm. My cat leaps outside, then catches herself, not wanting to appear enthusiastic. I think I'm my cat.

I don't think I like that word, "Christian" anymore. It's just too...labeling. Most of us are just different than the textbook "Christian." Whatever that is. Did I just label? ;-) What did Jesus' followers call themselves? Anyone know (and I know you're out there) when the word "Christian" was coined?

He just wants our love, and to love us.
We're supposed to love others.
That's what it boils down to, doesn't it?
Just that. Jesus lived a life of interruptions. He hung out with the "worst" of society...prostitutes, criminals, those with questionable professions, the sick, the poor. Whatever.
He was a man who cared about "nobodies."
When I once told someone that I had heard God's voice, she scoffed and said, "Why would God talk to YOU?!"
All I could say was,
"Why wouldn't He?"
He befriended everyone. The truth of the Gospels, if you read about and learn about the historic Jesus...not the one portrayed in pictures that look like the god a truly remarkable man. He never spoke against any kind of person; never. You can twist scripture all you want. The only ones speaking out about anyone were other men. Not Jesus.
And that's why He is unbelievably real to me. In a time when there were constraints on certain members of society, He hung out with them all. And it was recorded! That in itself is a miracle. They could mistranslate all they wanted and the truth still came out!
Little church classes teach us about His love...why doesn't anyone really LISTEN? In one breath we're told that Jesus loves everyone, in the next there are stipulations and conditions to that love. We know which is the Truth.


trace said...

I was at a conference recently at Mosaic in L.A...Alex McManus told us that the early church called themselves "followers of the Way," and the people outside of the church called them "Christians." Today, we call ourselves "Christians" and the people on the outside call us "hypocrites." I agree with your thoughts, enjoy reading your posts. Trace.

Karen said...

LOL! I love it! Thanks, Trace! I'm checking out your blog!