Monday, June 19, 2006

Mending a Mucky Monday

I usually love Mondays, but for some reason I am anxious today.
My stomach is railing against everything I eat. We celebrated Father's Day at Olive Garden yesterday. I can't eat pasta, so I picked the chicken marsala because I'm sick of salads; no tomatoes, and I assume, no wheat. Had to pick out the bell peppers. Potatoes are usually okay. Ugh anyway. Food is just no fun anymore.
Then, Gracie has a UTI; just picked up antibiotics. Nothing to worry about with most dogs, but she has kidney issues, frequent bladder infections, and it always makes me nervous when she is ill.
Then, a friend of mine has kind of disappeared, and I don't know if he's okay...and I'm worried about him.
I'm overdue for some icky medical tests.
Then, I'm trying to track down a client for the $800 she still owes me; so far no luck.
Then, Discover calls me and hasn't received my payment. On my CELL phone. You never think about how reliable the U.S. postal system is until something goes wrong. He wants to know EXACTLY when I sent it....well, gee, dude...I'm on the highway talking to you when I shouldn't be...let me just look that up for ya...please ignore any crashing of metal sounds, ok?....

I'm going to go over GOOD stuff....
I ranted and raved to God and He answered me amazingly. A blogpal ministered to me and sent me 2 books on healing and a healing scriptures CD. Isn't that cool? I am reading the books, and getting a LOT out of them...the CD is very cool to go to sleep to; and I think that I AM healing! :-) Thanks, friend!
We got rain yesterday. It's only 95 now.
My hubby is doing well.
I have the best kids.
I found some great clothes on sale. (I HATE to shop, and I never find good deals!)
I have lots of work right now.
I'm going to apply for substitute teaching a couple of days a week.
Gracie is perky despite her UTI...(can you tell I love this dog??)
My brother, after procrastinating, contracted for maid service (with my insistence that HE handle this) so my family doesn't have to clean for him. Trust me, he can afford this....
'K.....feeling better! :-) ***Especially surrogate son, R, was just in a car accident but he is OKAY!!


bjk said...

Loved the way that turned......thanks

Helen said...

Oh Karen you have had a difficult day, glad you are kind of feeling a bit better, it's funny I feel like I have known you for ages through this blogging, thankyou for sharing your lovely thoughts with your readers, wish I could pop across for coffee, bet we'd have lots to talk about!!

Keep smiling and sharing, Bless you!

Helen in sunny England!
(it is surprisingly!)

Karen said...

wouldn't I love a get-together with us all!

Bar Bar A said...

Gee glad the crummy stuff got overtaken by the good! I totally understand about Gracie!

I hope your friend turns up soon or at least lets you know he's ok - I recently went through something similar.

I'd love to hera more about the books your are reading on healing...can you email me the titles? I'd love it. Thanks!

trace said...

always helps to focus on the positive, good stuff that God is doing in your life when you're having those mucky monday moments. you and i have a lot in common.

Mark D said...

That's awesome about the books and CD!! ;)

Cindy and I often fall asleep to a healing scriptures CD. I think that is the main reason her pregnancy has gone so well.