Sunday, June 04, 2006

I was throwing the ball for Gracie in the backyard...and from where I was standing, I kept getting closer and closer to a little garden angel. I thought, "I'd better change the direction that I'm throwing, or I'll break that little angel." Well, I didn't heed my own advice and, sure enough, knocked her wing right off. Just like words. We know we're going in the wrong direction sometimes with what we're saying, but we won't stop....and someone gets hurt. I can mend the little angel's wing, but it will never be quite the same again.


Lori said...

Hey Karen

Your so right. I hear the still small voice in the simplicity and yet.... sometimes I just ignore it or don't acknowledge it.

In Him

Paige said...

This is so true. The tounge is so quick sometimes, then the heart catches up. Can't undo the hurt. Nice poem you have written!