Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My baby is 17!!!

"Little" G is 17 at 9:14 pm today! He was 9lbs, 13oz at birth. Whew!
We're proud of you, and love you!
G is:
A keen observer of people (he'll figure you out before you will!)
Smart (straight A's-no effort)
Talented...whatever he does, he does well
Star Scout with an incredible wit and sense of humor
(In other words....better than we!!)
Happy Birthday, Grant!

Here he is (left) with Robert


Missy said...

Uh-oh! Now he can watch the "interesting" movies!

Happy Birthday, Grant, from my bunch! I hope the driver license issue is working out. :)

And congrats, Karen. You're almost done... :D

(Yeah, I know that's not true!)

karen said...

Thanks, missy...agghhh....not done yet!! :-)
We're tending to school registration, VOE, and DPS TODAY!!!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Happy Birthday to Grant and happy 17 years ago giving birth day to you :)

You have two fine young men!

Lynne said...

Sounds like congratulations are due both to him and his parents!

NoVA Dad said...

I stopped reading after "straight A's - no effort;" had to hide my face in shame:-) Seriously, I know you are very proud of everything he has accomplished; just think of how great a reflection he is of you and the job you've done!!

karen said...

You guys are too kind.....Grant is his own person...he has made good choices. He absolutely HATES school which is a foreign concept to me.
He was going to drop out and get a GED like Robert, but he's done a 180 degree turn and decided to stick it out.
I hope he does, because, seriously, he doesn't even have to TRY!!! Matt, he makes ME feel stupid! I had to try. I think he got the good recessive genes! ;-)

Don said...

How proud you must be. You and I both know that you're never "done" if they're in your half of the world. ;)

Becky; said...

thanks so much for missing me...your sons are two great looking young men...happy bd Grant

karen said...

Don, that's for sure!
Becky...yes, I do indeed miss you...but you're having fun terrorizing me with your "close to the edge" pictures, I think!

trace said...

congrats - my emily turned 17 last month - hard to believe - happy birthday Grant and proud Mom!