Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last few days. . .

I had a whopper of a migraine; the boys and I went out to my dad's to help him in his yard and around the house a little. I guess breathing in all the plant stuff plus already having allergy problems set it off. The fact that he keeps his house at 80 degrees didn't help much either. However, I managed to clean some vines out of his landscaping and help him with the NY Times crossword.

It finally rained....and a GREAT rain it was.....yesterday. Absolutely fab!

Michael spent some time
with us. Gracie doesn't like
rain much. She sits on the ON the furniture--the top, edge, whatever. She tries to sit on your head, too.

I managed to finish my brick curvy "line" in my back yard between my graveled french drains and my grass. It was getting frustrating
keeping the gravel out of the grass....may not be much better, but it
looks lots nicer. Thank God it was cool this a.m.! We're putting in
a stained concrete pad (that irregular shaped bed there) for our grill toward the back there, with a berm (in the back corner) that will be mulched and planted, and a quiet place way on the
left for a hammock. Getting there.


Kansas Bob said...

Sorry about the migraine Karen. Rained here too. That is one great looking curvy ine :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I like Bob's comment :) I ditto it plus have to say that Gracie cracks me up. She probably doesn't realize how BIG she is when she tries to sit on people. I love big dogs.

karen said...

Thanks, Bob...that curvy line was a great accomplishment for me....looks like nothin' tho!
Barbara, yep....I love big dogs, too!