Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ramblings before painting in a hot warehouse...

Thank you, Missy, for your encouraging call! :-)
Update: A woman from Curves called (3 hours later) to see if I was okay. Maybe they thought I'd sue 'em? She apologized. That was a nice gesture.

Luciano Pavarotti died.... :-(

Okay, should scented candles be burning in a work-out place?? I tried to go work out at Curves this morning after walking Gracie; was doing fine, then something just shut off my breathing; had a coughing fit, went into the bathroom to choke, cough, and gasp for breath (no one checked on me) and left, smelling this strong burning candle, which set me off again. The woman says, "I'm sorry, did that bother you?"
Um, yeah.

An uncle of mine passed away yesterday. He was always kind to my family, but before my grandma died (his MIL) she revealed that he was verbally abusive to my aunt (his wife) and to the family, as well as being a raging alcoholic. Aunt divorced him. What a waste. He was smart and hard-working but let his mother run his life; obviously he was angered over her control. Note to parents (and me, too)...stay out of our adult children's lives!! I feel bad for my cousins.

I've put all of my books away for a time. I'm taking a rest. It's impossible to discuss scripture with the English translations out today. They are so far removed, word-meaning-wise, from the literal translations. Yes, it's hard to decipher the sentences when they are not "filled-in" but I question some of the "filling in." It's frustrating, and I feel like man has put God into a leather-bound box.


Milly said...

What a stupid thing to do-scented candles. I get migraines from some of those. I’d make a stink about them until they go away.

Sorry about your uncle.

I got a call from my mother-in-law then I had to write a YOU DIDN’T CALL YOUR MOTHER! note to my husband. I don’t know what he was thinking. We had a nice talk though.

Fitting God in a leather-bound box- good one.

Missy said...

We should burn all candles! Uh, oh ...hehe! I light them up for company once in a while, but I can tolerate very few scents, so I totally get it. Chemical fumes do not go down well when gasping for oxygen - at least when I exercise. :)

I know you must have mixed emotions about your uncle. I don't think anyone is all good or all bad. I loved my Granny Clara (great-grandma) so much. We had so much fun together, but when she died I learned how mean she was to many others. While on her deathbed, she told at least a dozen people that she had money sewn in the sofa cushions at her house, and that they could have it after she died. Us kids watched in awe when, at the final "Amen" of her funeral, fist fights ensued as people raced to their cars so to make it to the sofas first. Not a lick of money was found.

And on that last part, I'm kinda resting, too. Still wondering, but not so urgently. I figure God knew what He meant, and He'll help me figure it out if I need to - He always does.

Helen said...

Well Karen I find it hard to breathe at the best of times when exercising let alone with candles burning! your doing well, I found curves here in England so boring and the music was so 1980s, so well done!

Have a good week!

Don R said...

AMEN to that last sentence!!
The 44th verse of the Tao Te Ching I call "Enough is Enough". I think you have wisely chosen, Grasshopper..Sometimes it's best to attain "nonaction".

44th Verse

Which means more to you,
you or your reputation?
Which brings more to you,
you or what you own?
I say what you gain is more
trouble than what you lose.
Love is the fruit of sacrifice.
Wealth is the fruit of generosity.
A contented person is never
The one who knows when to stop is preserved from peril,
only thus can you endure long.

Kansas Bob said...

I agree with Don about amen-ing the last sentence. Sad that this stuff can wear us out. I guess that is why I started my other blog - to talk about stuff that is a bit more experiencial and non-religious in nature ... sometimes I get weary of talking just-bible :)

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

THAT IS SO WRONG TO HAVE A CANDLE BURNING IN THAT ENVIRONMENT! I avoid all the shops and places that are known for having that kind of stuff because if irritates my breathing too (a fibro thing?). In a place like Curves they should know better.

and I say Amen too

Missy said...

That's what friends are for. :) Hope your day is full of blessings today!

Abby said...

The candles thing reminds me of two stories.

First, a couple weeks ago on Top Chef, they had a challenge where they split into two teams and each team had to design a restaurant. One of the teams used vanilla-scented candles to decorate, and they were so strong that people couldn't really taste the food. I can understand some sort of air freshener in the bathroom or something, but scented candles really don't belong anywhere outside of a person's home, where you can control what you do and don't smell.

The other thing it reminded me of was when I went to TGIFriday's with my folks for something and choked very hard on a corn chip. It was really funny because my family was all like, "Oh, she's fine" but all the staff were panicking and almost called 911 about me. I don't like ordering nachos anymore now, heh.

See you soon! (in ~3 weeks!)


karen said...

Milly, I will make a "stink" about those candles! Heh..that was a cute pun. Missy, you made a funny, too! I had a granny like your Clara, too. Her name was Millie, but she wasn't sweet like our Mil-gurl.

Helen...uh. Gee..I kinda like that really bad 80's music to have an asthma attack to!

Don and KB, thanks. I'm not quitting, just resting! ;-)

Barbara, yep...I think it is a fibro thing. I'm very sensitive to smells.

Abby, Kyle told me about the chip thing...scared the you know what outta me. 3 weeks? Wish it were sooner!

Robert said...

hey karen friend!! hope you do raise a *stink* with curves maybe in doing so you will provide a breath of *fresh air * in there :) Love your take on scripture reading and such we humans tend to compartmentalize God even using His own Word to do so So cool to have you as a shelfari friend as well happy weekend!!

karen said...

Hey Robert! I was just thinking about you! Think I'll come visit!

codepoke said...

What great comments. :-)

This morning I was reading Suzanne McCarthy (Suzanne's Bookshelf) against subordination of women in the scripture. At the end of the post, she references another of her posts on Better Bibles Blog.

I cannot recommend either of these two sites enough. Everything Suzanne writes is excellent, and BBB has revolutionized my understanding of how translation works, and how trustworthy our current bibles are/are not. It's a group blog by 7 great people, and they taught me a mountain.

karen said...

That's a terrific idea, Kevin. I think I'll check back there. She does a great job, as do all of the folks on that blog. Think I should link 'em!