Monday, September 17, 2007

bits and pieces...

Ironic that I'd post about a healing, then fall down in dis-ease yet again. . .

I have been emailing a blog friend; we've been discussing beliefs and he kindly said that I never seem down. Hmmm.....well, I suppose that's because I'm not sharing lately!

I've probably felt the worst that I've felt in a couple of years in the last couple of weeks. I've been dealing with asthma and really bad fibromyalgia- the worst that it's ever been. Every inch of me is in pain. Walking is difficult. So, I've been having a pity party inside myself, in between noticing how incredibly beautiful it is outside. There are so many sad things happening in the world, and yet the sun and the light is amazing. I had to wear sunglasses in the shade watering plants because even that light is hurting. I was in a panic yesterday trying to crawl out of my skin and get comfortable, some how, some way. I ended up with Tranquility music and meditation and got some rest. My tinnitus is at an all time high right now. I'm thinking this is all air-sinus-fall coming related. I hope.

I'll get over it. Just happy to be here.

Gracie is four today! She got a round of antibiotics for her birthday. Bladder infection (we hope that's all) and I always worry when she gets one because of her kidneys. Hasn't stopped her energy, tho'.

Husband is off to Mexico for the week; new job responsibilities as multi-site engineering manager. We'll be learning more of the language, I believe!

I'm trying to catch up on your blogs because it always cheers me up to read your thoughts.

Did I tell you the last three words that my friend Julia uttered before she passed away? She was always saying "yay!" when someone would do something her hubby doing the laundry. Or, she'd say, "fantastic!" or "wow!" She had a lot of energy, even when very sick. Well, her last three words were quiet but firm, first two as she was being serenaded: "Fantastic!" then "Wow!" then..... her last word:



Kansas Bob said...

I can relate to being down ... I think I blog more when I am :)

Hope this is a good week for you Karen!

Blessings, Bob

Don R said...

Hang in there. My tinnitis is singing louder than usual too. I try to put it aside or think of it as a choir of angels. I'm intending perfect health for you.

karen said...

KB, I know you and Ann have more than your fair share of trials!

Don...I'll try to think of it as angels, but it sure doesn't sound like the celestial choir I actually heard!! Go to Sharper Image for those sound machines!

Joe said...

Another "leave 'em feeling good" post ends on a high note, "Yay!"

Thanks for giving us a smile!

karen said...

:-) Joe. . .

bjk said...

Thanks for sharing her story and moment....very inspiring!!!

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

WOW! I can't believe those were her last words, what a testimony of her attitude on life...thats is so cool.

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GRACIE! She's such a sweetie, looking at her pic always makes me smile.

Karen, you really DON'T complain much. I know what just a fraction of your suffering feels like and it SUCKS SO BAD! I hate hate hate fibromyalgia, people can't even believe it hurts as bad as it does because someohow many of us who live with it SEEM okay on the outside and we persevere because we really have not choice. My heart goes out to you.

Very interesting that your tinnitus and Don's are both worse right now cause mine is too! I tried to focus on it last night and pretend it was a good sound, but it left me in tears. I think its harder to deal with than the pain sometimes.

Love you!

karen said...

Oh, Barbara...didn't know you had tinnitus, too!!! Geez...we're sistahs, yes?
I just left a dream interp on your blog. That was really a good dream, even if it freaked you out.
Love you, too!

Missy said...

I think we discussed how we can be down, but yet still be cheerful - sincerely cheerful. I don't think lack of honest sharing is what makes people feel like you are cheerful. You laugh in the face of adversity (or with it, sometimes)!

I hope you are feeling better and hubby is back home. Your friends Julia seems to have been an amazing woman. What a wonderful and inspirational example she is for you.


Robert said...

A lil late here but WOW Fantastic so very cool and you are just one of those barnabas types karen mdear a natural given encourager i get tinnitus in spots weird cuz i am almost deaf in my left ear love reading your thoughts and musings sweet friend :) YAY