Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quick ramblings.....

Check out the 10 things below in the comments and read a few lists that some of you posted. Pretty darn weird and interesting! I love bloggers! :-) My good friend C over at "Simply Fish" also posted a list. If I was clever I'd link it up now. You can click on the "Simply" link over on the left. I have some success linking stuff up, but it takes me a few shots. Can anyone tell me the best and fastest way to hyper link on blogger? I feel stoopid.

It's been raining and it was almost chilly this morning! Praise the Lord on that!
I've been working a lot ....lots of physical painting and I'm SORE....the bike riding is adding to it...but I'm keeping at it. We had 8 people here for Labor Day......3 were disabled physically..and it kind of freaked me out. My mother in law, 82, was in the best shape...just toting around an oxygen canister...she is a 10 year breast cancer and broken hip survivor. She's still walkin'. My step mom has a progressing cerebellar ataxia and came in the house in a wheelchair, my brother came in on foot with assistance from my son. What are the odds that one family would be gathered with an almost 50% disabled number? Just weird.

I seem to be collecting all the special needs positions for subbing. That's okay...but I'm looking for some comfier shoes! I run around all day with these kids. I asked the Lord to put me where I'm needed....He took me at my word! I hope I can handle it. It's emotionally draining and I'm not trained for this. I had a teacher tap me on the shoulder and tell me to stop trying to motivate a group of kids! Ha!

When I have more time I'm going to blog on these subjects...I have promised myself that I would broach these and some more that I've thought about:
*I never finished my Jesus and Paul differences...I will!
*I want to talk about teachers and the inclusion factor in schools.
*I'm going to talk about the equality of men and women in the Bible. I'll start with the book that drove me away from God...and then brought me back full force...Genesis.

By the way...have I told you all lately that you rock?


Bar Bar A said...

Hey Karen, I didn't comment on the post below - what was wrong with me? I never miss your posts, I saw that one. Must have been speechless that day!

Here is the easiest way to hyperlink in blogger:

1. Type the words you want to link, ie:
Barbara's Blog

2. Then be sure you have the link cut and pasted and ready to go

3. Now see that little icon on the Blogger tooklbar that looks like the world with a paperclip over it? Click that puppy.

4. Then you insert the link you have into that box and hit ok (be sure to get rid of the http:// that they already have in the box, you won't need it if you copy the link properly.

Hope this helps.

Joe said...


"Bar Bar a" instructions will add a link to a post. To get the address for the link, right click on the title of Simply's post and click copy. The link will take you directly to Simply's post rather than just to her blog.

You can also insert a link into a comment. Like above, right click on the title of Simply's post and click copy. Paste that into Notepad or Word to get:

The HTML statement for a link is:

* href="address">link description**

where the * must be replaced with the letter "a" preceeded by < also the ** must be replaced with "/a" between < and >.

Insert the link address you copied from Simply into the HTML statement in place of the word address. In place of the words link description, write Simply’s List of 10.

The result is:

* href="">Simply’s List of 10**

When you replace the * and the ** as described above you will get this in your comment.

Simply’s List of 10

Good Luck!

p.s. I'm sure this isn't the easy method!

Karen said...

hey, thanks guys, for the
Hyperlink 101 tutorial! I'll practice!

Matt said...

You have told us lately, but we would all be remiss if we didn't sent the comment back your way!


Paige said...

I'm sure you will find some comfie shoes & they will even be pretty. I could happen!
Happy Weekend

Bruce said...

Hello? You still there?

Just been missing you. Hurry back soon.


Karen said...

hey, thanks...still here...just having to put my money where my mouth is and use my brain to blog....