Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Amazing Grace...for everyone...

Some of you know that I have a Big Yellow Dog named Gracie. I was trying to post her picture, but Blogger is being obstinate. Anyway, I got her from a client who didn't seem to realize that a 2 month old puppy needed house training...and that if you leave her outside, alone, with a swimming pool...she might fall in. She did, and hung on for dear life for, I don't know, a long time until he fished her out. She has water issues now.

Her full name is Emily's Amazing Grace. I got her the day a young girl named Emily, whom our prayer group had prayed for, passed away from a long and valiant battle against bone cancer. Emily was blond and feisty and refused to give up until the very end. Her attitude was amazing. It was as if she didn't know she was sick. I named Gracie after her because I wanted to always remember the strong spirit of the Christian girl who was so inspiring to so many.

And, like the inspiration for her name, Gracie has health issues as well. We didn't think she'd make it to her first birthday...but she'll be 3 on Sunday. She, too, is inspiring...because she is happy, feisty, and really doesn't know that there's anything wrong with her. No one told her. So, she just wants to play and other words...she just does what she is supposed to do.

So, my thoughts are....if we are "ignorant" of something, but we carry on righteously because we know who we powerful can that be?

If a woman feels the call of the Holy Spirit to her to be a minister, or to preach and share the Good News....and she is never told by the "powers that be" that she is limited in her work for the Lord, and she views "those scriptures" differently......if she obeys her Father, not other men and women who might hold her back, then......

how much more could be done for the Kingdom of God?

I'm going to get busy and write on the subject of women in ministry. A few other bloggers are working on this subject, I'll link a couple of other sites that are doing the same. I'm not sure I'll have much to say compared to these other places...I'm no scholar, but I can read, and I can think, and I'll speak from my perspective.

I'll also say....if there's anyone out there that can't discuss on an intellectual level...if you take things personally, or resort to personal attacks on me or anyone else who may comment here, I'll simply delete your comments. It's as simple as that. It's my blog.


Bar Bar A said...

I am very exctied about your upcoming posts! You go girl! Delete those nasty comments (if you get any). I've noticed too that this is a "hot topic" but haven't personally spend too much time contemplating it. I do have an opinion and I am guessing it's the same one you have...but I am not sure.

I'm so glad to hear that Gracie is doing well. What a blessing she is to you - and you to her. Darn Blogger! I want to see PHOTOS!

see-through faith said...

love the name of your dog!

blessings. You are called. Get on with it :) that's what God says IMHO

looking forward to the posts and thank you for your encouragement

Joe said...

Woe unto them that slander here!

You must have a good reason to expect the worst. If you'll be preaching equality you are certainly at risk of getting what you expect.

I haven't read your next blog, yet, and I'm already rooting for you.

God bless you.