Saturday, September 30, 2006

Insomniac ramblings....

Up at 3 a.m. I couldn't figure out why I woke up...wide awake. Then realized that when ya go to sleep (read that: pass out on the sofa) at 8:30 the night before....ya just might wake up early.
So, got my hot tea, my laptop, and my Labrador all hunkered down on the couch for a little me-time....

I'm much better these past few days. I think I had some kind of bug or something. Remember that commercial where tired people are dragging themselves around by the back of the neck? ( was a weird one.) That's kind of how it was. But, it passed, so think it was a virus.

I substituted a lot last week. Yesterday was another special needs gig at an elementary school. I prefer middle school and high school, but I enjoyed the day very much. No, no..I love little kids. It's just, well...don't laugh. Little kids puke a lot. You're laughing at me! I can HEAR YOU!!! Really! I can take blood. I can take ooze, snot, etc. I just cannot take puke. I'm even laughing at me, now. Around 2 p.m. in this Texas History class, this little girl was weeping to the teacher I was helping that she didn't feel well and needed to puke (TOLD YOU THEY PUKE A LOT! What are the chances?!? My first elementary gig and someone has to puke!!) I could feel my blood pressure rising; my adrenalin fight or flight defense mechanism kicking in; I'm scanning the perimeter looking for an escape route; looking for a waste basket...NOOOOO! It's clear across the room. Can I reach it in time? I have visions of hurling myself toward it, with Ninja-like precision-- flipping and flying, grabbing the basket and depositing it in front of the girl in time for her to spew her multi-colored, viscous and partially-digested cafeteria fare neatly into the trash bag protected receptacle, whereupon I can turn my head and cease air intake long enough to tie up the slimy mess.
Thank the Lord it was a false alarm. The teacher was very scary and I'm pretty sure she scared the puke right back into the wee lass.
The majority of the day I spent tagging along with an emotionally disturbed boy (they really scared me because they said he got angry easily, violent, etc.--Good Morning, Karen!) He was fine all day; he had the most beautiful eyes and smile. I was proud of him when he went to the restroom, came out and wanted to tell the janitor (of whom he was very respectful) that someone had dumped soap all over the floor and he was concerned someone might slip and hurt themselves. That was cool. Another little kid I spent time with was a delightful boy in a powered wheelchair. He had a laugh that just made ya giggle back. He encouraged all the other kids, and they encouraged him back. He was fun. The last kid I tagged with was a bit disruptive, but mostly occupied himself by eating his boogers. As long as he wasn't puking, I was okay....

Well, I didn't mean to confess all of that. This might be one of those posts you post and then run back to delete before anyone reads it. All in all a good week. The subbing is blessing me in a major way....and I get paid, too! Who'da thought?

But, something VERY important to do! Catch up on all of YOUR blogs! Have an awesome and blessed weekend, y'all!


Judy said...

Yo Karen! Yep I really read your stuff, you are FUNNY!!!And I concur on the puke situation... Anyway,Did Bruce tell you I went to school in Texas City many moons ago?. Let's see--1964. I was in Mrs. White's accelerated(yuck) classroom the day JFK was shot! CHeerleader there, fifth grade, and guess what? Shoes were optional!It's where I started singing with the school s too. I was in an all city choir of about 400 at the end of the years, Awesome. The teacher was a manic cruel anti-Yankee ____but I learned there. Brebda was my best friend, and she took advantage of the shoe thing. That year Daddy retired from the Navy andwe lived for 6 weeks in a ent on South Padre Island, before it was a luxury vacation spot. I'll never forget my Dad in Navyprovided BVD's holding up our 7 man tent by the pole as a tropical storm(75 MPH winds) danced around us. We beat feet to the car when we flooded out and my 4 y/o brother had to wear girl's pinafores for 2 days while we washed the rest of what we owned at the wash-o-mart!Of course all our prized driftwood furniture washed away and we had to re fix up our campsite. That's the year my sister learned to push the eyebals ouf baby hammerhead sharks with her flip-flop foot! What a riot,we came home to PA the long way, through Clorado and made our way East-- 3 kids, and a dog in the back seat of a 1962 sedan. Life IS Funny...j

Helen said...

Karen you made me laugh! I work with Children and yes they are so unpredictable, but hey how rewarding!

Glad you are feeling better, have a good week!

BarBarA said...

Karen I'm glad you didn't delete it, its a good post! I enjoy reading about the kids you work with (kinda gross about the boogers but yeah for the other two boys!)

I'm glad you are feeling better. Dragging yourself around is no fun. Thanks for you comments on my blog!

Matt said...

Karen, you definitely get the award for the most flowery way of described puke -- "half-digested cafeteria fare." I'll have to try that out and see if I can get my little one to use that as she gets older: "Daddy, I feel like I'm going to send forth some half-digested cafeteria fare."

Thanks for the laugh, and hope you have a great weekend as well!!

- Matt

Milly said...

I worked with autistic children. It takes a love for the job and a tough tummy. I don’t know how many times I had to hold my breath or gasp for air. Good bless you

Bruce said...

I think this is one of the most descriptive posts that pretty much sums up why I don't work with kids - of any age. More power to you.

Hope you are feeling better and have a great week.


BruceD said...

We have puking in my business too. It's more the metaphorical kind though. It can be pretty messy, but at least there's nothing wet and smelly to pick up. Well, it might be smelly, but again, metaphorically. Come to think of it, life's full of puke!

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