Saturday, December 11, 2010


Progress with one of our spec ed kiddos, the non-verbal. He has some violent tendencies, but he loves music. I brought my guitar a Friday ago and I played one song. He signed, "More, please."
Awesome! I almost cried.
One of the first things I've taught him is emotions on the CHATT board. When he can tell us he is angry, sad, etc., he is less likely to lash out. I guess that's true of us all, hmm?
I'm struggling with the certification thing. I'm so tired when I come home. I do more than expected, and take work home. If I'm teaching, I'll have even more coming home. With CMS and Lupus, I just don't know if I can do it. A bit frustrating. I usually end up taking a nap when I get home and don't get much else accomplished.
Got to let Him lead the way. It's hard. I keep getting in His way.
This year is flying by. I find that I am letting little distractions get in the way of my visits with our Father. That makes me more stressed and scattered. I have a new friend, a bipolar fellow, who is pressing into God and that has helped me to get more grounded. We always have to be brought back, don't we? We let past and future mess with our present.

Exodus 4:2
The Lord askes Moses, "What is in your hand?"

We are led out of bondage, right?
The shepherd's staff is in our hand. No regrets about the past, no fear about the future. Stay in the present with His plans for us.
Gotta remember that.


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the update Karen!

... Paige said...

your work is just as you are doing. who am I to say otherwise?

sometimes I'm such an idiot!

back to the starting line, thanking God that I get yet one more mulligan

karen said...

Paige, you are SOOO not an idiot! Getting certified has been the plan. I'm just not sure my health will allow it. I need to get certified. I'm frustrated!

Kevin Knox said...

This was really sweet and wonderful, Karen. Lord Bless!

karen said...

Thanks, Kevin....back atcha!