Sunday, November 28, 2010

6 months....

...since I posted something here. Unbelievable. I have felt the void. As I've said, FB is fast and voyeuristic.
I've been doing pretty well. How about you?
I got the job at the school, which I love. It's kicking my butt, though, I must admit. Very physical, but I think that's better for me than sitting around all day.
My last bloodwork indicates I'm in a fibro/myofascial flare-up, not a lupus flare. That is good. However, I'm exhausted. I think season changes mess with all of us.

My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so he is finally taking his diet and exercise seriously. He's lost 40 pounds and can feel the difference. Our diets are completely incompatible! He can eat protein, I stay clear of animal protein. I'm supposed to eat the grains, etc., he isn't. Planning a meal is a challenge.

My job is very rewarding. I can't decide whether or not to pursue a certificate to teach special ed. I'm so tired at the end of the day, I can't imagine being followed home with lesson plans and paperwork. In this economy, though, the extra dough wouldn't hurt! The kids are amazing. They told me it would be a quiet year, but instead we got our biggest child challenge ever. A teacher and 2 paras (me and another woman) are the team that works with this child. He is non-verbal, very big for his age, and can be violent. The team works VERY well together. We adore each other and we adore this child now, too. He has made great strides and we get a kick out of what he does each day. Although they said he was low-functioning, he is very clever and we are working with him with sign language and a communication board. He is even using a touch screen on a computer...playing games! What a rewarding job!

Well, that's about it for me...I'll check on your blogs and see what's up...that you haven't shared on FB. What a phenomenon. I need to get back to the spiritual aspect of blogging, though. There's something to be said for a little anonimity, too. Bless ya.


Kansas Bob said...

Great to see you posting here Karen. I look forward to reading some of your spiritual aspects.. maybe it will kick start some of that kind of blogging for me?

... Paige said...

bless my britches and smack me in the forehead...So good to hear from you!
You look wonderful ;-p
I don't facebook, I have a twitter account but seldom do that either.

I'm glad to hear the job is good. you should get your cert.

Sorry to hear about your husband but good for the 40lb loss, I should be so much less myself.

hugs and loves

karen said...

Thanks, Bob...I felt more balanced when I was blogging than I do with FB. :-) Reading yours and others helps me, too.

HI PAIGE!!! Miss you! Hugs back!! How are you and your beloved?

Milly said...

I too missed blogging but seemed to have very little to say.

It's good to have an update on life in Karen of Texas