Thursday, December 04, 2008

No class

Since Obama's victory, we have all been lectured about "getting along" and not being divisive, etc. This stupid woman had an extraordinary chance to do an ornament for the White House Christmas tree and chose to turn it into a political statement. She doesn't even like Christmas. She should have declined.

I hate to give her press here, but as I said, we're all supposed to join hands and sing Kumbayah now...yet people continue to bash GW. It's over, okay?

If I were chosen to do an ornament for the Obama White House tree, you can bet I'd strive to make it the best one there...with no political agenda.


Don said...

Some people just weren't raised right! Not the time to express her "freedom of expression"

karen said...

yeah, especially when she tried to "hide" the message. . .
no class AND sneaky.

Kansas Bob said...

I love your spirit Karen!

Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy of those who are asking EVERYONE to support the President Elect yet those same folks seem to give license to ANYONE who wants to tee off on President Bush.

I am SLOWLY learning from folks like you.. guess I am just one of those unteachable old dogs that learn really slow :)

karen said...

Well, thanks, KB. The learning goes both ways, believe me.
I'd be honored to do an ornament for the Obama's. Maybe I'll lobby!

... Paige said...

Well every thing has a platform even Christmas trees have one, I suppose.

funny I thought Kumbayah was spelled with a C--

Let me see that would be one bad for her and one my bad :-)

Milly said...

What an honor wasted. If she didn’t want to make a nice one then she should have passed. We have so many great artist in this country so many would have jumped at it.

If I were given a choice I’d pick lots of littles from schools around this country to decorate my tree.

I love your stuff Karen and would love to have an ornament on my tree.

Maggie said...

I like the ornament but wonder why the artist was chosen to make an item for the Bush tree when she is clearly leftist.

I am on the left as well, and would politely decline and let someone else make an ornament if I felt my work was only designed to offend.

In her defense, I think she has the right to express herself, and if what I read is correct, the ornament had already been viewed by someone and deemed appropriate.

I guess old school. I think you have to earn respect. I'm old school and liberal, and George does not have my respect.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving and looking at the pictures.

I do hope all is well there, and hey, Laruel has a picture posted on her blog that I love! I would love to see it replicated on my work island tile countertop.

Check it out, if you get some time. Her link is on my blog.

Then (whenever then rolls around to get the island built!), I am going to need your guidance!

karen said...

Kumbayah...supposedly means "come by here" in Gullah. :-/
Milly, may have to try my hand at ornaments! :-)
Maggie, the artist was very sneaky in her ornament; the political stuff was hidden.
Let me know about the island!

Missy said...

I suspect she might be a passive-agressive post-it noter. "What..., who, me? I don't see what the problem is."

K, I was thinking the same as Milly. I would love to see what you come up with for ornaments!

karen said...

I've got a few ideas....mebbe get ready for next year! ;-)

Kansas Bob said...

Here is a bright note about the president's tree from this article:

Katie Schools' vision of Virginia is hanging on the Christmas tree of America's first family.

First lady Laura Bush presented the White House Christmas tree yesterday on national television, and Katie's ornament was singled out on several morning programs.

The 8-year-old Henrico County girl depicted a cardinal (her school mascot as well as the state bird), dogwood blossom and the Blue Ridge Mountains, in keeping with the national theme of red, white and blue.

Her talents are more remarkable considering she has limited vision and was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 1. She has undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments and endured several surgeries.

Katie was asked by Rep. Eric I. Cantor to represent the 7th Congressional District on the tree. She is the youngest artist chosen this year.

Milly said...

Cool looking forward to it. I can tell you where every ornament in my home came from. The hand made ones are the most special ones.

I am not a fan of George W. Bush but I do respect him, he is our president he had the education to get where he is and yes I think that he botched things up but in no way would I have ever done that. I have more respect for my fellow humans then to act like that

Joe said...

I agree with all your commenters that the woman should not have made an ornament with the phrase "Impeach Bush" on it. She should have declined the invitation and voiced her opinion of Bush elsewhere.

I disagree with Kansas Bob that her act reflects on Obama supporters even if she is one.

Kansas Bob said...

Wasn't speaking about Obama supporters Joe. Just bemoaning the hypocrisy of those who bash Bush and say we should not bash Obama.

Joe said...

To Kansas Bob,

I misunderstood your comment.

Everybody has the right to criticize their government. Honest criticism given appropriately is necessary for the success of a democracy while dishonest criticism can corrupt the democratic process.

Many people criticize the wrong way. The Christmas tree ornament was honest but not appropriate. Corsi's book "Obama Nation" used an appropriate means but the book's contents were completely dishonest and Corsi's objective was to corrupt the democratic process.