Friday, November 21, 2008

7 random and/or weird facts about me:

1. I'm a sci-fi nut
2. I know how to tat
3. I can write upside-down and backwards (at the same time, if it's a good day!)
4. I nearly died twice--once as a baby and once as a toddler
5. I had my 'beginning' in a 400 year old house near the North Sea, in Thorpeness, England
6. I've had an out-of-body experience
7. I did editorial cartoons for a time for a newspaper in Garland, Texas

Tag, you're it!

Don tagged me a bit ago on this fun lil' thing:

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(I'm lazy. You're all tagged! ;-D)


Don said...

WOW!Those are great! We're going to have to expand on those at McChurch

Lynne said...

Ok, I did mine!
But I think I'm in awe of you, how do you write upside down and backwards? I can't even visualise that!

brian said...

I'm obsessed with Out of Body Experiences. Anything you want to share about it?

karen said...

Don, in the end, I'm just a geek. were so transparent. Good on you!
Brian, I think I might! Mine was scary, so it will be the opposite of what you might think.

Joe said...

Does "beginning" mean that you were born in England?

Upside down and backwards - very impressive... really.

Out of body experience - very eerie.

karen said...

I was conceived and gestated (lol) in flew back to the States so I wouldn't have to make a citizenship decision. Not being very much Anglo, but being a lover all things English...I might have chosen the island! :-)

Mark D said...

Do you get a headache when you write while hanging upside down? I guess it would depend on how much you are writing. :)

karen said...

LOL, Mark. I just don't know how to write that....
Mirror image and words upside down? Oh well! ;-)