Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tree, school, exhaustion...

I have little time to scoot around the blogs lately, much less post, so thought I'd add my inane little excuse here.
I'm subbing full time till the end of the year as a special ed aide at an elementary school that is primarily Hispanic. It didn't used to be, but it is's the school my oldest stayed for about 3 years. . .many of the same teachers there. I kinda got roped into it---my ego played a part, too. They absolutely love me there, and how can ya not wanna hang somewheres they like you? The money is pitiful, really, because aides, who run around a school all day and deal with emotionally or mentally challenged kids are not worth much--apparently.
I'm speaking more Spanish now, and the children have stopped giggling at my pronunciation.
I seem to have a repoire with emotionally disturbed people. I'm not sure that's a good thing.
I'm exhausted and have no time for anything else. How do you full timers do it? I forgot how.
I'm catching every virus known to man.
I actually got a kick out of a fist-fight taking place near the cafeteria stage laden with cakes. I must admit, the anticipation was exhilarating! (No, no cake "stomping.")
I'm learning not to roll my eyes when I hear someone leading children in songs like:
I like me
I like me
I am special and
I like myself.
As if Kindergarteners need self-esteem boosts. They all seem fine to me in that arena.
So, between trees and school, and trying to keep my little business going....I'm pooped. I also feel like I haven't gotten enough God time. :-(


Kansas Bob said...

Blessings your way Karen.. I know how much of a blessings you are to those kids!

Thanks to your prayers - Matt is home!

Robert said...

sounds like your plate is full karen Im sure those kids enjoy you a whole lot very good to hear how your doing and hope you find time for more rest relaxation and God time to charge your batteries :)

codepoke said...

This is the sweetest post!

> I seem to have a repoire with emotionally disturbed people. I'm not sure that's a good thing.

It's a beautiful thing. People with no artifice see nothing but the heart.

... Paige said...

You do like teaching, it makes you glow. Well your words anyway.
Fights in the mess hall, fun fun fun.
And BTW glad you guys made it though those storms. They skipped us.

karen said...

KB...praisin' God!
Robert...thanks, hope you're doing okay.'re very sweet!
Paige...I'm glad you missed those storms!!

Missy said...

"I seem to have a repoire with emotionally disturbed people."

That explains our connection! :-D

Have you ever thought that maybe this substitute job is your God time? {c;

I'm praying for your battle against the viruses and a miraculous surge of energy to do it all.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Glad you stopped in to let us know how you are and whats going on with you. Hope you find some God time, energy and more time in your days :)

NoVA Dad said...

I think that you're getting more God time than you realize -- you're seeing God in the faces of every one of these wonderful children:-)