Monday, November 13, 2006

Some open minds need to be closed for repair...

Here we go again...great thinkers sharing their great thoughts: Rosie O'Donnell thinks that "radical" Christianity is as dangerous to this country as radical Islam. Elton John decrees that we need to ban all religion.

This reminds me of a discussion that I had with a friend about Christianity in general. She told me that since I was a Christian, I must hate gays. I said, no....I don't hate gays. Every gay person I know is a good and caring person. Jesus never spoke against anyone except religious legalists. But, Christians hate gays, she says, you're a Christian, you all hate gays. I suggested that perhaps she was lumping all Christians together precisely as she felt Christians lumped other groups of people together....that she was intolerant toward a group of people, just as she accused that particular group of people. She could not comprehend her own intolerance.

What kind of ignorance is this? What makes "liberal thinkers" so close-minded? Rosie O'Donnell feels she can make bigoted blanket statements against a group of people? And her remarks ARE bigotry. Elton John has the right to call for a "ban" on groups of people!? Are these the "open minds" that we are all to aspire to? We are only open-minded as long as we agree with them?

As Paul would say (properly translated) "Utter rubbish!"


Matt said...

This is the second of my frequented blogs that has touched on this today. As I mentioned on another, I think that Sir Elton's comments show that he's not really as "up" on current problems facing Christianity as he may think. My own Episcopal denomination is struggling mightily with some issues that may, tragically, tear our denomination apart.

And I agree that all Christians don't hate gays. If we did, we would be shoving to the fringes the very sorts of people that Christ went out of his way to love: those on the fringes of society. Makes me wonder what he would say if he were here today? Sometimes I think that people are more concerned about talking a Christ-like life rather than LIVING a Christ-like life.

- Matt

Barbara said...


i can barely stand it anymore!!!

i said on my blog the other day that I am not longer calling myself a "Christian" anymore. From now on I am using the term "Christ Follower" because people equate Christians with hate, bigotry, hypocrisy, etc.

Fisherman said...

I'm with Barbara...

I have to say.. there is such a thing as too far to the right, but also such a thing as too far to the left... there is such a thing as too liberal and these so called 'Open Minds' are simply being closed minded in a different way... Judgement is judgement no matter if it's left or right.

Kansas Bob said...

I often wonder how we got where we are? So sad that Evangelicals have let themselves be defined by the moral rhetoric of Falwell, Robertson and Dobson. Shame on us that we passively let these folks speak for us. Alternative Evangelical voices like Tony Campolo are generally dismissed because their political views are not in line with the Evangelical leaders mentioned above. Elton and Rosie really aren't the enemy ... I think that we have met the enemy and we are him.

Karen said...

You all are right on...and Bob, you're very correct. When will WE as Jesus followers stand up and speak the truth about who we are? Do we know who we are? I know who YOU all are! You are loving and caring Jesus people...we need to share that good news with the world.

Larry said...

Well... I have stood up and spoken the truth when others around me start bashing the whole idea of Christianity. You know what? I can't get a word in edgewise. They all know the truth.

So did I. God somehow managed to get through my thick skin the idea that He's not who He's made out to be. He's neither the wishy-washy everybody feel good god that people want, nor the hammer-and-tongs everybody's going to hell god that people reacting against the first group tend to espouse.

What He is is the walker of the narrow way between all the extremes. You can't present that concept in a ten-second sentence. Only life will show it, and only if God really gets ahold on a person's heart... which is discouraged by the same judgment that keeps people out of the church in the first place.

Nobody is open minded. We all protect ourselves by disregarding dissenting viewpoints. There is a way to listen without agreeing. Liberals need to learn this too.