Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's been cold here, but the temp today is 59 and sunny. I can live with that!

Work is kickin' my rear; hope your jobs and careers are going well. Rest up on the weekends!

Stick man is still at it. Was out in the cold. He must adhere to Teddy R's belief that if you feel puny, you should go out in the wilderness and live the rough life!

I tried to register to take the special ed proficiency certification test today. I decided, let's just take it, if we flunk it, we'll at least know what to expect. Ha! The registration is down all weekend. Is that a sign??

Have a great weekend!


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the update Karen! Things are going okay here. In a holding pattern until we get more info about the stem cell transplant. Have a great weekend!

... Paige said...

humm, intresting. me, well I'd try it three different times before I made my mind up.
Why 3, that's my fav number.

prayers for Bob and the stem cell; good things will come about

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the prayer Paige!