Sunday, September 06, 2009

Numbers that matter

A resounding theme with folks who are ill is numbers. Blood counts, percentages, antibody levels, kidney function. We all hold our breath to see the "numbers."
I've seen, through the work of the Lord, that these numbers don't always mean much. We're told Gracie has had 5% kidney function for some time now. I cannot accept that, and we don't accept it, nor receive it. How in the world could an animal, or a human, run like a maniac on 5% kidney function? True, she may drop dead running. That wouldn't be a bad thing, going while doing what you love, now, would it?
Numbers aren't all they are cracked up to be...or at least some of them.
You may find this next story a little TMI, but that's okay. For a week, every morning at 3:16 I kept waking up to, well, you know...go to the bathroom. Every time I'd look at the clock, it was 3:16. I even had a dream that I had to be somewhere at 3:16.
It was seriously driving me crazy.
Finally, exasperated, I just asked. "LORD!!! What are you trying to tell me by sending me to the John at 3:16?!?"
John 3:16
He has a sense of humor. He has to. He made ME.
The Concordant Literal NT:
"For thus God loves the world, so that He gives His only-begotten Son, that every believing in Him should no be perishing (middle voice) but may be having life eonian."
I know that is a slightly different verse than you are used to, but it makes perfect sense to me, with my universalist leanings. It also yells hope and promise all over the place for the people I worry about.
I don't know if it speaks to you; I hope it does. Some numbers matter.


Kansas Bob said...

A lot of hope in that verse for sure.. and also in these 3:16 verses :)

I am so glad that even 5% is enough kidney function to keep Gracie running!

... Paige said...

that is awesome and a funny way to remind us of a basic truth

and you are right about the numbers. I so dislike math and odds and all that hooey. no man can tell me what time is and when it will run on without me, without us for it is not the mind of man that matters but the love of God.

Loriann said...

Amen! God is so Awesome. This is the first verse I taught my girls.
As for Hannah we hear numbers all the time.
Her diagnosis is:
Allergies, Asthma - three nebulizer treatments a day due to 82% of lung function, heart murmur, pulmonary valve stonosis, sleep disorder, migranes, hypogammagoblunimia - IVIG infusions every 4 weeks,
psoriasis (skin issues), psoriasitic artheritis, crohn's disorder. Also we find out about lukemia on wed. 9/9/09, but strongly feel it is the crohn's.
She is a precious 9 year old, each time we go to Childrens hospital in Birmingham Alabama, she passes out bennie babbies to the other kids at clinic. It is cool to see how God can use a child to help others. But through it all we know that we are in the palm of Gods hands.
We are so blessed. We homeschool, and enjoy our time together as a family.
Hope that you have a blessed week.
visit us anytime..
Much Love and prayers, Lori and girls

Loriann said...

oh, ps, we love your art, wow, it is great.
Lori and Hannah

Missy said...

Numbers - agghhh! ;)

Oh, but I like that number - it gives hope.

This was an encouraging post, Kiki! It's not always about the numbers - and that's not chance for sure. Praying that you and Gracie make whatever the percent work 100% for you each day.

brian said...

I love this post Karen. And, it couldn't come at a better time for me. I visit the doctor next week to get my numbers for this six months. Funny, until I know my numbers, I feel perfectly fine.

I also like that (better) translation of John 3:16.