Monday, January 05, 2009

New reasons to knock the dust off. . .

Matthew 10:14
If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town.
I've always liked this verse. It's sort of a second chance (and isn't our big Daddy the God of second chances?) and speaks to me of moving on, unhindered.
A pastor friend of mine did a live-stream message last week about moving on in 2009. He referenced that passage and put a new light onto it.
We see this as shaking the dust off so we can forget what has not been received and move on.
How about shaking the stuff off so we don't drag the old garbage to the new place?
Ho ho! That's interesting! How much of our old junk do we haul around on our "shoes?" Some of it, I think, we'll really need to scrape off!
Let's move on into 2009 and try not to take a bunch of baggage with us. Let's forgive and forget--perhaps even farther back from 2008! Let's take ownership of what we actually own and let go of what we don't. We can only handle so much. Embrace the new. Let go of the old.
What are some things you need to let go? I'm thinking my list is pretty long!


... Paige said...

Wise words. I try to let things go because I know I can't change them only God can and He will in His time if it's His will.
So back to just letting it go, I have a few things on my list.

Kansas Bob said...

"Some of it, I think, we'll really need to scrape off!"

Now that made me laugh! I love it when wisdom and humor get together :)

chris said...

Yeah, I've been doing a whole lot of scraping myself. Man, does it stink!!!

karen said...

Yeah, I think God would like us to get with it and get it gone. :-)

Milly said...

"Some of it, I think, we'll really need to scrape off!"

I'm gonna need a stick. Some of it is crusted in.

Lynne said...

yeah .. I think I'm trailing whole corpses behind me, not just carrying their ****. I think maybe I'm a little deficient in telling the difference between live issues and dead ones.

karen said...

hahaha! I was actually thinking MUD on the shoe because of my walk with Gracie yesterday...but...if the shoe stinks....!

karen said...

Yeah, Lynne...I hear you on the live and dead issues....painfully.

Missy said...

In line with Lynne... I guess I can work on letting the Word by my coroner?

Funny, I finally cleaned off a pair of expensive running shoes that got muddy back in September. I had set them in the garage to dry and forgot about them. When I wanted to use them, I did not have time to clean them off. I was embarassed to wear them and tempted to throw them out. I spent 3 hours cleaning them - they now look brand new.

You have an interesting application of this image - let me think on it...

karen said...

...and remembering that this isn't just for "us" as it is more for the Body. How can we move forward to help others if we're drowning in our own stuff?

trace said...

I'm letting go of a lot of stuff, especially my need to "do" (have to, don't have use of my good arm!)

Let's just hope I don't revert back once the cast comes off!

Don said...

Alright, what are you trying to do, start me thinking? I'm gonna need a bigger sheet of paper.

Mark D said...

This is a very timely post for me right now - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes, almost same.

Anonymous said...
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