Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday morning

I woke up early thinking I had to go to work. Sweet! Didn't! HA!

Things with "the child" seem better. I've taken a sterner voice with him, and that seems to empower his main teacher more. She has a daughter, and sons are way different. . .and when you add to that difference, violent tendencies...whoa. I'm less anxious about what he might do when he's in P.E. There are two teachers there and they just don't put up with his stuff. . . and he doesn't act up--he tries, but they nip it in the bud. Yesterday I had him in a SpEd room to take a test and for the hour I had him he was amazingly wonderful. I looked at him and said, "I think I'm seeing the real "C" right now." Sweet smile from him. That was nice.

My strong feelings on illegal immigrants stops at their kids. I'm in a couple of hispanic classes and have fallen drop-dead, totally in love with these kids. Even the ones that act up all the time. I ask them what they want to do--one wants to be a doctor, another a vet, another a teacher. I want that for them, too. I was supervising lunch for my kindergarten class. One little boy asks me, "Where is your mama?" I got a little dewy-eyed...not expecting that question. "She's not here anymore." I replied. He said, "She's dead?" "Yes," I said.
"She's with God," He said with the confidence and conviction of a much older person.

I'm working on a couple of boxes on commission right now, and that makes me happy. I'll post pics soon. School is almost over. I'm treating myself to a few painting workshops this summer, and considering going back to school for another degree, or a master's in....something.

I've been lurking on your blogs....everyone seems really busy right now. Maybe the summer will help us all catch up a bit.


Kansas Bob said...

Nice to get an update on your world Karen. Glad the school year is coming to a close and hope you will have some times of soul refreshment this summer.

Robert said...

very good to hear whats happening with you karen. Sounds like you have lots of good things brewing. I come by here and lurk often too. Look forward to seeing your finished works of art when you post them take good care friend!!

karen said...

Thanks for checking in, guys. Hopefully, in the summer, I can comment on blogs instead of just lurk!!

... Paige said...

So glad you are well and the child is getting better.
Love comes in many forms and reminders from Him can lighten the heaviness we all feel too often.
I look foward to seeing your new pieces.
Be safe

Milly said...

I’m glad to hear that things are better.

I work in a place that has to be open to Hispanic people. I see the families, I see hard working men and women and I see the sweet faces of their children. I also use to work in a place where I was the only one from this country. I know why those men are here and I saw how hard they work. Thank you for loving the kids.

My house is a flurry as we rush to the end of school and gear up for vacation. Both on the same day!