Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer daze

I'm between jobs, and was not well last week, so this week I took the time to goof off, clean my house and redo a room a bit. I just can't do much housework when I'm working on a project for a client. It just consumes me.

Robert's wife has been bringing baby over a lot, which has been great fun. We all kind of settle in the day, trading baby off to give her a break. We all slept for a while this afternoon. Michael doesn't nap much, but he did today. I am remembering to remember this precious down time. What a blessing!

Everywhere I go I keep getting hit with the "LOVE is everything" message. It was the message at the church we've been visiting; then I turn on the TV one morning and Joyce Meyer is talking about loving your neighbor, and some church marquee is touting this message, too. Yes, Lord, I get it...I'm just not there with the guy next door. I'm still harboring anger at him for his insults, lies, and yelling. Can't help it. I have a hard time disliking people, but folks....this guy. Yeah, yeah, it only hurts me, not him, yada yada. But, I look at his unkempt yard, at his sloppy appearance, cranky face...pool parties with loud people yelling words that the neighbor kids shouldn't hear--and the worst thing of all: did I tell ya he made a pass at Robert's wife??
):-/ Deep breath. Gooooosraba.......

Good news....Son's girlfriend is coming for a long visit from Boston area at the end of the month. We're really looking forward to this! :-D

I'm reading Lynne McTaggart's "The Field" per recommendation from Don R . Lots to think about with this book; some might think it's anti-God; I think not. I've just started it....will update as I get into it. Pretty interesting quantum physics stuff.


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the update Karen.

Heard this last week:

To love like God is to love without expectations.

I guess if we could do it in the flesh everyone would do it :)

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Sorry you had a bad week but sounds like you're over it. I would have a hard time with those neighbors too. In fact we have some new neighbors that have parties 3 or 4 nights a week...what joy.

Enjoy the book, I think quantum physics is a bit over my head :)

trace said... that Texan for a swear word??? hang in there.

karen said...

Bob....I'm TRYING!!!!!
Barbara...good luck with your neighbors, too....and if I can get through this can you.
Trace...I think that was the word used in "Anger Management"....some tribal mommy word to calm babies or something......hee hee.