Thursday, January 24, 2008

Angel in the Night

For Miss Littles and all of those who have the courage to admit they didn't see her! (It took me a while. I've searched the 'net to debunk luck)

I don't know who took this, or if it's legit...but I think it's beautiful. The story goes, as I recall, that a woman was traveling home from her folks (I think) and saw the sky was beautiful. She stopped by a small pond or lake by the road and saw that the stars reflected in the water were amazing, so she took her camera out and snapped a picture of the water. The guy who developed the roll of film asked her if she could see what he saw in her amazing picture--and if she had seen it when it was taken. True story? I don't know. Can you see the angel? She's(?) beautiful.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So far....

1/22 update: 2 bags to charity this morning. 4 more bags o'trash (I feel guilty, but I'm recycling all I can) Almost all the "small stuff" in bins are in my garage or sun porch. I've only brought home what I want...and it's not taking up much space. I tried to work in the garage this morning, but it was 35 degrees. Yes, I know that's a heat wave to all of you. This is boring reading to all of you, too, I know, but it's keeping me on track. I spent most of yesterday on the couch...couldn't get warm, and lots of pain. But I spent time shredding documents so I would feel useful. I'm hoping it's just muscle strain pain. I'm heading back to the studio to gather some flat stuff, canvases, and paint that I'm keeping. Thanks for your kind thoughts!

1/20 update:
10 bags of trash; 20 cans of leftover paint, 20 cans of spray paint, 2 bins chock full of art supplies to the local high school theater program; several almost empty cans of paint to Ft. Worth environmental control disposal. 1 bag of stuff to charity; 1 bag of magazines and books to library. Getting there.

....I've tossed several bags of garbage, given a bunch to charity, and recycled a bunch. Hubby wants to build me a studio out back...but I'm waiting to see what I can pare down. It's been very hard on me physically, but spiritually....lifting.

How much of what we keep around us do we really need?

Are our homes too small? Is this a space problem?

Or is it a "people" problem?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back in a few....

My studio landlord has decided to rent our entire building out to one tenant...a music teacher, so I have to empty out the equivalent of 2 small rooms and transport all my art stuff to my house..which is already stuffed. I've spent the last 2 days dumping stuff from both places, and have many trash bags and charity bags. Spring cleaning on the hurry-up! Please pray for energy and patience for me through this. It's a bit overwhelming.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

This is your brain on happiness. . .

I caught some of 20/20's show on Happiness last night as I was FINALLY taking down the Christmas decorations. It was good; I hardly ever watch 20/20 but was hooked when they mentioned that you can change your degree of happiness. I've already figured that out and was pleased to have that confirmation.

They basically said, and I hope I'm right, that 50% of your happiness quotient is genetic from your folks; 10% (here's a surprise) comes from your looks, wealth, and "stuff." However, 40% can be manipulated by your life, your choices, etc. They've done studies on people and found some have "happier" brains than others. . .but they found that with the right attitude, choices, and intent, you can increase your happiness. Buddhist monks rank off the chart in happiness. People in some hideously strict countries like Singapore measure as happier than people in the U.S. The country of Denmark, where 63% of income goes to taxes, are the happiest people in the world. I found that interesting, being a Capitalist Socialist (LOL) that most of their money goes to government...but in return, they trust their government to give them good medical care and support when needed. That can certainly take a load of stress off. They also had fewer autos than other countries; riding bikes everywhere and hence, in better physical condition. The "showiness" of material wealth wasn't prevalent. My one concern was that I felt like I was watching a video of life on another planet--all the people were white happy campers; there was no diversity. Are they happy because they know their tax dollars will be going to help people just like them? Hmm.

Homeless people in India ranked happier than homeless folk in the U.S. Why? Because there was more community and interpersonal support for survival there. In fact, a common theme was community...being with, taking care of, and supporting and fellowshipping with, others.

The part that interested me was the personal choice to be happy, to change your mindset, to find your joy...which we know comes from inside us, not from the outside. After many tests, they determined that you can actually change your brain to a happier thinking organ if you apply choice and imagination toward happiness. I know this is true--it has definitely happened to me in the last few months--but mostly because I asked God for it. My joy feeds my brain, which in turn, produces more joy. The God spark within us is the seed to finding that joy. Sure, genetics and the way we were made has a part in it...according to them, half of our happiness---but God didn't make us static and unchanging--He made us to experience life and He desires us to come to and with Him in that journey.

I think I learned that in the last few months- - -that joy comes quicker when we let go of ourselves, resolve to be at peace, think of others...and put our 'stuff' up to Him.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Texans? Fist-fightin'? Nah.....

Hmmmmm......Missy seemed to think we Texans would all be turnin' to fisticuffs over this election process. I think we're very civilized. This video "Shopping in Texas" shows our refinement....

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I started on a painting yesterday! The my Art Pages!

I found some eye drops that don't sting so much!

I feel good and I'm sleeping without drugs!

Yay! :-D

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Start your engines...

Been busy already this year....check out my art pages. I finished my "paid" part of the church mural...basically 6,000 sq ft of paint (2,000 sq ft of images). I'm also way into the Spiritual art now. Anxious to put some of my images to canvas.

Update: Engine idling...stalled....I always hesitate before I get pumped up because I'm afraid something will come to knock me down. I'm in a bad place right now with the dry eyes...the mouth not as much, but in the morning my head feels bereft of any moisture! Agh. Should have taken stock in eye drops. I'm hesitant to go to the DO (due to go to Dr. S Monday) because they'll want to slap the Sjogren's diagnosis on me. I just can't receive this right now. I bought a little humidifier, and it helps. Some of this is winter dryness. The little anxiety demon wants to get at me and has tried relentlessly over the past few days. Thankfully, my joy is hanging in there. Dry eyes sound like a small thing? Only until it hits. One more crazy making thing. I'm going for a massage this morning. I ordered Dr. Rubin's Great Physician's Rx for Health (not sure of the title). I dreamt last night that I kept trying to put air into a tire and it kept going flat. LOL...what a representation. Well, I'll just get a new tire, then! Hmpff!
'Nother update: I keep getting Hebrews 11:1 shown to me, seriously over and over. Better take heed, huh? Then, I was driving for my massage and I looked THREE times at a marquee sign that was supposed to say, "Buy 1, get 1 free" but I looked at it and it said, "By 1, set 1 free."
Aggh! Is it so difficult for Him to get me to listen that He speaks to me through SIGNS??? Aghh...there's another one...He's talking to me through 'signs.' LOL. I posted a blog a while back that I was asking the Lord "What am I SUPPOSED TO DO??" as I was standing in Healthy Approach, a health food place. The letters on the sign in front of me reordered and said, instead of Healthy Approach, said, "Heal thy approach."
Guess I'm still not gettin' it!!